Weatherization of Homes

We help families and individuals with limited income save money on their utility bills. We do this by improving the energy efficiency of their homes.  By conserving energy, we are also helping the environment.

Our trained staff visits each home and puts together a plan that will lead to the most savings.  Work may include adding wall and attic insulation, furnace repair, and home safety measures.  We explain what we are doing to help you understand how you will save money.   

How Can I Apply?

When you apply for utility bill assistance you are also applying for weatherization.  We select homes based on income guidelines, how much energy your home uses, and other factors.  You can also apply for this service without applying for utility assistance.  Because we must choose homes based on a priority system, we cannot promise your home will be selected, even if you meet the income limits.  Both homeowners and renters can qualify.

Is Community Action Looking for Local Contractors?

Yes.  If you are a local HVAC, electrical, insulation, plumbing, or general contractor and would like to bid to work on homes, please use the Contact Us form below to find out more.

How to Apply

Please call or using the Contact Us form.