Meet the Leadership of SCICAP

Shelter & Health Assistance

Governing Board

County of Residence Public Officials Low-Income Private Sector
Clarke County Marvin McCann April Bundridge
Decatur County Bob Bell Gwen Morris Chet Redman
Lucas County Cathy Reece   Maxine Willadson
Monroe County Denny Amoss Christina Estes Jerry Durian
Wayne County David Dotts Sally Jackson Diane Olson Schroeder

Administrative Office Staff

Position Names Telephone & Extension
Executive Director Brenda Fry 641-774-8133 Ext:223
Early Childhood Iowa Area Director Jodi Maddy 641-777-2902
Administrative Assistant Sue McCleary 641-446-4454
Financial Director Dan Miller 641-774-8133 Ext:226
Receptionist Lori Reed 641-774-8133 Ext:221
Accounting Clerk Jewell Martin 641-774-8133 Est:225


WX Coordinator

Alyson Palmer

641-774-8133 Ext:240


LI-Heap Coordinator Tammy Trenary  641-774-8133 Ext:222


FaDSS Coordinator Jamie Swearingin 641-774-8133 Ext:227
FaDSS Specialist Patty Jones 641-774-8133 Ext:227
FaDSS Specialist Jennifer Downs 641-774-8133 Ext:227

Head Start Program

Head Start/Early Head Start
Program Director
Joseph Okoduwa 641-774-8133 Ext:236
Head Start/Early Head Start Assistant Director/Nutrition/Health Specialist Lori Ferris 641-774-8133 Ext:238
Head Start Administrative Assistant Pam Burlin 641-774-8133 Ext:231
Education/Disabilities Specialist Tricia Cobb 641-774-8133 Ext:243
ERSEA Specialist Kelli Curtis 641-774-8133 Ext:242
Data Entry/Professional Development Specialist Nikki Desmond 641-774-8133 Ext:239
Facilities/Transportation/QA/Emerg Mgmt Becky Hysell 641-872-2554
Health & Nutrition Specialist Taylor Grgurich 641-774-8133 Ext:233
Health Assistant Sydney Hofmann 641-774-8133 Ext:233
Parent, Family and Community Engagement Specialist   641-774-8133 Ext:246
Parent, Family and Community Engagement Specialist/Mental Health Consultant Natalie Pettit 641-774-8133 Ext:230
EHS Supervisor/Coach/CLASS/Ed Specialist Jessica Caudill 641-774-8133 Ext:241

SCICAP Outreach Centers

Outreach Coordinator Leon Troy McBroom 641-446-4454
Outreach Coordinator Osceola Troy McBroom 641-342-2101
Outreach Coordinator Albia Tina Maddison 641-932-5107
Outreach Coordinator Chariton Jonnica Wertz 641-774-5323
Outreach Coordinator Corydon Linda Grismore 641-872-1282

Parents As Teachers

PAT Program Manager Erin Hall 641-774-8133 Ext:224
PAT Educator Emma Cupples 641-774-8133 Ext:224
PAT Educator Tarah Kovacevich 641-895-0800

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