Family Development and Self-Sufficiency

Shelter & Health Assistance

Mission: To develop a positive relationship with families; empowering them toward financial self-sufficiency and the ability to discover their strengths and potential.

FaDSS is a program that partners with families who receive FIP (Family Investment Program) to provide them with the support they need to gain independence from public assistance. FaDSS is voluntary and does not affect FIP benefits. It is a program focused on the family's success and growth. FaDSS provides services that promote, empower, and nurture families towards economic and emotional self-sufficiency. The foundation of FaDSS is regular home visits with families, using a strength-based approach. Core services include support, goal setting, and assessment. Support is given in many ways such as referrals, group activities, linking families to communities and advocacy. Assessment aids the family to identify strengths that they possess that may be used to eliminate barriers to self-sufficiency. Goal setting helps families break down goals that seem out of reach into smaller steps that will lead to success.

  • One to one strength based in home family development.
  • Family needs assessment.
  • Goal setting education.
  • Support and advocacy.

FaDSS Coordinator:
Jamie Swearingin

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