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Head Start programs operate in centers and public school in all five southern rural counties, with a variety of program options. Head Start, administered by South Central Iowa Community Action Program (SCICAP), has been in operation since 1966. Info com

We have independent Head Start centers and six collaborations with school districts, all in different capacities, some where we share children and staff. The school districts serving Head Start Children have agreed to follow Head Start Performance Standards, which the Iowa Department of Education recognizes as a sign of high quality and exemplary programs. Head Start Programs has always individualized for ALL children and parent engagement has been an important part of Head Start.

We have two full day State Shared Visions program in two counties, which offer full day services to the children and their families that work or go to school.

Five Head Start Centers and Six School District collaborations, serve the communities by providing age appropriate quality comprehensive programs with school readiness skills, nutritious breakfast, lunches, and snacks, health screenings, social services and parent involvement opportunities to each of the 180 children enrolled and their families. All classrooms in our five counties have certified Early Childhood teachers, to best serve our children so they are school ready.

All centers/schools are using the research based on line Teaching Strategies GOLD by Diane Trister Dodge. Our goal is for children to be school ready, but more important to be a lifelong learner.

In two Counties State Wrap-Around funds allow us to provide extended hours, 6 am to 6 pm, to assist families with working parents or those needing to fulfill schooling and training obligations.

Nancy Schnurr, BS/MA/ED
Early Childhood Education
Head Start/Early Head Start Director
641-774-8133 Ext. 236

Head Start Resources

Results from CLASS Observations & Triennial Review Results

  • Page 1: Results from CLASS Observations with summary of scores from CLASS.
  • Page 2 & 3: Department of Health & Human Services letter with the Overview of Findings from triennial review dated June 15th, 2011.

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