"In collaboration with community partners, the mission of South Central Iowa Community Action Program is to provide advocacy and services for persons striving for economic security while preserving their dignity, and bring about change for the benefit of the people we serve and the community at large.”


Nest classes will be held in Wayne County on August 29, September 12,19,26.

Nest classes will be held in Lucas County on August 25, September 1,8,15,2

SCICAP hosted a Food Summit of area agencies concerned with food insecurity.  Future meetings will be held to collaborate on ways to decrease food insecurity to individuals and families in the area.  16 people representing 14 agencies were present.  Food Summits will be held in Wayne and Monroe counties this fall.  Decatur and Clarke counties will host meetings in the early winter.

SCICAP, along with other Iowa Community Action Agencies, had the opportunity to meet with Senator Grassley and Congressman Young.  Presentations were given on financial literacy programs, use of data, and examples of new fingings due to the community needs assessment process.  SCICAP Executive Director Jim Smith and Services Coordinator Shelley Sadler attended on behalf of SCICAP.  Shelley reported on the needs assessment process.


"Helping people live better...
and build better communites"

"Be the Reason someone smiles today"

On my office wall there are big letters saying, "Be the reason someone Smiles Today". While working at my desk in early December, a fellow came in and said, "I'm here to give you something instead of getting something from you". He handed me a lovely card with the following hand written note: To SCICAP, Thank you for a new furnace! As a veteran now disabled, this is the first help I've had from anybody. You people do good work! Thank you from an Army veteran." I must tell you my eyes watered up a bit.


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